b-mobile internet

unofficial guide

how to get cheap, no contract, pre-paid, wireless, instant UNLIMITED internet access for travelers in japan


The b-mobile SIM Card

b-mobileSIM u300 is a pre-paid sim card sold at major electric stores across Japan. By plugging the card into a sim-free device, you can instantly get unlimited access to the internet through docomo’s wireless FOMA 3G network which covers 90% of Japan. This means you can access the internet almost anywhere you go.

There are no contracts, hidden fee’s, or extra costs.


Where to buy:

Yodobashi Camera

Stores available across Japan

Bic Camera

Stores available across Japan

Yamada Denki

Stores available across Japan

Also avaliable on-line @ Amazon.co.jp

1-month unlimited access    2980yen

6-month unlimited access    14,900yen

1-year unlimited access       29,800yen